Some Guy Beating Pens On A Desk N Sync (Bye Bye Bye!) To The Super Mario Music

January 5, 2010

This is a video of some guy beating two pens against a table and a glass in tune with the music from Super Mario Bros. Now I know I already said that in the title, but I wanted to reiterate it without the 'N Sync joke because, truthfully, I'm really shamed I ever made it. Somebody really needs to invent a keyboard button where you can go back and change things you wish you hadn't typed. Like a reverse-space or something. I digress. So I watched this video twice and couldn't tell if it was impressive or a giant waste of time. So I want you to watch it and tell me.

Waste of time? Haha, yeah I already knew.


Thanks to Delphine, Kate and trishna87, who can tap things on other things with the best of them.

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