Shredding The Shell: A Koopa Troopa Guitar

January 5, 2010


That title I came up with made me think of Shredder and the Ninja Turtles. Did anybody else get that feeling? It felt like a tingle. And I'm not talking about Tingle the map-seller in the Zelda series. Although I do know what he feels like too because he touched my butt once. Creep! Now, where was I? I think I was at the fair when that happened.

The guitar is right handed. I play it so the Koopa is on its back (it's been stomped). When it is on a guitar stand it's walking about. Just pretend Mario jumped on the Koopa Troopa and chose to hold it for too long so it's escaping.

I'm gonna go ahead and give myself advance-props now for not writing a single word about the guitar. Because that's just quality-ass blogging right there. Hey -- some people got it, some people don't. Unfortunately I don't. But I think we can all agree: what I lack in blogging skills I more than make up for in novelty t-shirts. Seriously, I have a ton of them. Take this tuxedo print for instance. Classic.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the jam-stick. Do people call guitars that? Because they're gonna start if they don't already!



Bow before the awesomeness of Koopa Troopa guitar [destructoid]

Thanks to Gabe, who can finger pick AND finger lick with the best of them. Mmmm, chicken.

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