Shred Stick Of The Future: Misa Digital Guitar

January 19, 2010

Because music is dead and so are the guinea pigs I had as a child, here's a little demo of the Misa Digital Guitar. No, not Miso. That's a Japanese seasoning, silly! And, not to flex my tubular internet muscles or anything, but I can eat a ball of wasabi the size of a large marble without crying or making a funny face.

misa digital guitar running linux kernel 2.6.31.

very fun and mesmerizing to play.

PLEASE NOTE: that "crackling" some people are pointing out is an effect, like a bit crusher effect. It was done on purpose to show how the location of your touch effects the sound. You can apply any control parameter you want to each axis of the touch screen. This instrument is not limited to one type of effect. I personally like the sound, but it is subjective like all music is.

It's actually a pretty cool guitar and if I had any coordination whatsoever I'd be tempted to buy one. But as I stand, WHOA!! *thud*. See, what'd I tell ya?

Official Site

Thanks to The F'n Jem'Hadar, Andrew, skulley and Martin, who are getting the band back together. And P05TMAN, who always damages my packages.

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