Remember That Jerk That Filmed His Wife Crying After Watching Star Wars?

January 21, 2010


In case you forgot here's the original post. And now dude has started a website with videos of her crying after every movie they watch. Which so far includes Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, Back to the Futures I and III, Flash of Genius, 2012 and Marley & Me. Now that's a healthy marriage. But is it a healthy meal? No, but Subway has $5 footlongs. Also, if you can watch Marley & Me and not cry you don't have a heart. And I'm not saying that because I cried, because I didn't. I bawled like a baby. But then I chopped down a sequoia with my bare hands and f***ed a cement truck, so, yeah, still all man. Also, stuck (bring a sledgehammer).

Crying Wife

Thanks to cocoa, who knows the only thing funnier than watching somebody cry is watching somebody cry because they hurt themselves doing something stupid.

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