Ready My Spaceship!: Nepture And Uranus May Have Liquid Diamond Oceans Filled With Solid Diamond Iceburgs!

January 19, 2010


You read correctly, Earthlings, Neptune and Uranus may have shimmering seas of liquid diamond! With giant diamond icebergs floating around in them. Aaaand I just claimed both planets for my own. I'm gonna be rich as shit you filthy little peasants!

The idea that there are oceans of liquid diamond inside Neptune and Uranus is not a new idea, said Tom Duffy, a planetary scientist at Princeton University. The new Nature Physics article makes diamond oceans "look more and more plausible," said Duffy. More research on the composition of Neptune and Uranus is needed before a truly definitive conclusion can be made, however, and this kind of research is very difficult to conduct.

I dunno. You can read a much more in-depth analysis of the data if you hit the link to the Discovery article, but it all sounds a little bit iffy to me. But is that gonna stop me from flying my spaceship straight through those bitches with my hands out the window? It is not.

Diamond Oceans Possible on Uranus, Neptune [discovery]

Thanks to wes g, who [insert joke about diamonds in Uranus here].

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