Questionable: Becoming A Na'vi In 10 Seconds

January 23, 2010

This is another video tutorial of how to make yourself up like a Na'vi. Except this clown does it all in 10 seconds (with lots of cheating). It's also a horribly disguised viral for that Samsung camera. Of course, I posted it so it can't be THAT bad. Yes, yes it can be. Damnit, Samsung, don't think I won't boycott you. I don't care how vibrant the picture is on your new UN46B7000 46" 1080p LED Backlit HDTV. OR how much it'll reduce my energy bill versus a traditional LCD TV. I mean, so what if it boasts a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio and an 120Hz frequency that virtually eliminates all motion blur? (I'll email my bank info, you wire me a grand).


Thanks to Marija and Christina, one or both of which may have been hired to trick me into posting this.

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