Pew Pew Pew!: Homemade Blu-Ray Phaser Pops Balloons From Across The Room

January 18, 2010

Remember the homemade Blu-Ray laser-phaser I POSTED WAY BACK IN DECEMBER 2007? Well here's a video of the thing popping balloons from at least eight or ten feet. Ooh, ooh -- do my eyes next!

Starfleet Command has discovered a planet full of vicious balloons, and Jay "Scotty" Rob has modified the classic phaser pistol from The Original Series to be able to pop 'em left and right.

Oh man, I totally need this thing for my next presentation to the Board of Directors. So, Board, as is evident from this chart I just pulled off the internet, I've done little to no work for the past six months. Buuuut....POP! POP! POP POP POP!! Leave the promotion on my desk, I'll be at the bar.

Homemade Star Trek phaser is powerful enough to pop balloons [dvice]

Thanks to Darkpatu, Zmann966, and Lee, who can pop balloons with nothing but their thoughts. MINDFREAKS!

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