Party Rat Finger Lights For Night Blogging

January 19, 2010


Party Rats are little light-emitting rings in the shape of rats you wear when you're high on ecstasy at a rave and want to impress the girl with the candy necklace on. Just remember: spirit fingers!!

What? You haven't heard of Party Rats! You're kidding, right? They're the best thing to happen to partying since the mirror ball. People of all ages are putting these colorful, plastic, rodent lights on their fingers and waving their hands in the air like they just don't care. Each 1-3/4" long rat sends out a different colored beam of light, allowing you to create your own personal light show! Also great for the latest computer craze, night blogging!

Ah, yes, night blogging. And a guy who's no stranger to sitting at his computer all hours of the night with his pants around his ankles....SHUT UP THAT'S HOW I DO IT, OKAY?! Don't question my creative process. Also, one time I bit through a glowstick and didn't know until the tube was empty. Yeah, my urine glowed.

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Thanks to Nathan, who had actual lasers implanted in the tips of his fingers and is blind in one eye from rubbing it. You gotta think before you act, Nathan.

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