Now I Want One!: Sweet Zelda License Plate

January 14, 2010


Wow, did the GW really just post a picture of a girl sitting on a car with a 'ZELDA64' license plate? DAMN YEAH HE DID, HIGH-FIVE! But wait, there's more. You see Alyssa there is on an adult website that just launched called Pixel-Vixens. What is Pixel-Vixens?

Every model is a real geek - Comic book nerds, otaku, cosplayers, tabletop gamers, video game fans. What's hotter than a girl who can kick your ass at Halo & rolls 20's? That same girl...naked!

Well TOOT TOOTLE TOOT, Alyssa! Also, I heard if you go to Pixel-Vixens there's a rather provocative shot of her where you can see a sweet Zelda tattoo on her leg (preview page, bottom left corner -- don't let the blond hair fool you). Not that I saw it myself, but a perverted friend told me about it. Me? Into naked Zelda cosplay? Puhleeeeaaase.

OH YEAH BABY thats mah license plate! [watchtheguild]

Thanks to Jiakasuma, who only cosplays in the buff. So, uh, doesn't that just make you a naked person?

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