Never Ever Would I Ever: Fondle A Sex Robot

January 11, 2010


Seen here in one of the world's most pathetic photographs, Douglas Hines chats it up with his sex robot "Roxxxy" about soccer (and he wonders why he needs a sex robot).

The anatomically-correct robot, who can even snore, has an articulated skeleton that can move like a person but can't walk or independently move its limbs.

There is Wild Wendy, who is outgoing and adventurous, Frigid Farrah, who is reserved and shy, a young unnamed doll with a naïve personality, "matriarchal kind of caring" Mature Martha and S & M Susan, who is geared for more adventurous types.

Coming with a laptop the doll, priced between US$7,000 (£4,350) to US$9,000 (£5,993), was unveiled at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas at the weekend.

Inspiration for the sex robot sprang from the September 11, 2001 attacks, he said, where a friend died and he vowed to store his personality forever.

WTF!? Honoring the memory of a friend by humping his likeness in sex-robot form? Listen, I don't want to be honored if that's how they're doing it these days. Just shoot my body out of a cannon and call it a day.

Foxy 'Roxxxy': world's first 'sex robot' can talk about football [telegraph]

Thanks to Spenny "human advocat", dB, Brad B, Zerv, Steve P, TobyRaider, Brandon, Ben, Kyle, M3ntal, The Harbinger of Dooooooooom, Jasmine, dez, J.D., Mollie, Jack and Shannon, who don't do robots. Literally or figuratively.

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