Make Your Keyring Magical With Unikeys

January 28, 2010


Unicorn shaped key covers: genius. As if my pockets could even contain any more magic!

Once upon a time single-horned ponies were pretty hard to find and could only be caught by unethical means. Now you can snag our UniKeys Unicorn Key Caps merely by paying the modest price, and you won't even have to feed them.

Our UniKeys Unicorn Key Caps come complete with a twinkle in their eye with little pink and purple embedded rhinestones!

$5 takes home two and come with the manufacturer's guarantee that no unicorns were harmed making them. Unfortunately, they can't say the same about the Griffins.

Product Site
Unikeys Adds Fantasy to Your Key Caps [gearfuse]

Thanks to Yopoleo, who has centaur keycaps which makes him infinitely cooler than all of us.

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