Whee: Pop Your Booty With Booty Pop Panties

January 6, 2010

Now I've known about Booty Pop panties for awhile now because I have the imitation Fredrick's of Hollywood ones, but apparently they're making their rounds on the internet again. Because, let's face it: we all want that ultimate, shapely, lifted booty. Unfortunately, this booty was destined for sloopy. So Booty Pop panties have built-in butt-pads that make your butt look better in jeans and freakish without them (girl, you got alien-butt). Honestly, I'm only posting this because I liked how many times they said booty in the commercial. It was at least a million. BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN' EVERYWHERE! Kill me now. Seriously, I won't try to stop you. Especially not....WITH THIS LASER BLASTER! *pew pew* I win.


Thanks to G33k, Ishbo, Carly and Ryan, who all have naturally poppin' booties.

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