Love: Girl Seeks Geekologie Fan In San Diego

January 29, 2010


Alright this is probably the last personal ad I'll be posting because, damnit, I can't play cupid all the time. But, since I posted a guy's ad earlier this week, here comes a girl's in response BECAUSE I'M NOT SEXIST. Sex-y, yes, sex-ist, no. So, any of you male readers in the San Diego area interested? Ha, not in me, in her. *twang* Did you hear that? That was me shooting an arrow of love at you. Well, technically it was a Barbie Doll whose hair I set on fire, BUT IT STILL PIERCED YOUR HEART, DID IT NOT? No? Just set your shirt on fire? That counts.


Thanks to Mark, who may or may not cruise Craigslist searching for Geekologie-related posts.

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