Learning Is Fun: Mommy, What's A Petabyte?

January 4, 2010


Despite what you may have learned in school, a petabyte isn't a byte that lures children into its van with free candy. That's a pedabyte. No, a petabyte is 1 million gigabytes (1,000 terabytes), and this is a graphic depicting how large that is (you have to hit the jump to see the rest cause it's really long like monkey arms). And, since I'm in a teaching mood this morning, do you know what comes after petabyte? Exabyte (1 billion gigabytes), zettabyte (1 billion terabytes) and yottabyte (1 quadrillion gigabytes). A quadrillion gigabytes? That's a lot of porn files. I can't even wrap my head around that. But I can wrap my head around corners to peek and make sure the coast is clear. Just sayin', I'm stealthy!

Hit the jump to see the rest.


What's a petabyte? [mozy]

Thanks to Ian, who agrees petabytes go great with hummus.

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