Laser Rifle Blinds Enemies From 2.5 Miles

January 5, 2010


So the military has a new laser rifle that can blind enemies from 2.5 miles. That's pretty far. For reference, that's half the distance between one road sign and another one 5 miles away.

The weapon--which is technically a "long-range visual deterrent laser device for hail-and-warning applications"--is called the Glare LA-9/P, and it's quite dangerous, even while it has a security system to avoid eye damage.

You know what else has a security system to avoid eye damage? Me. Now I don't want to go into all the science, but basically they're sunglasses. Sometimes I wear a pair on the back of my head too just to freak my friends out. It hasn't worked yet but it's gonna!

Military-Grade Laser Pointer Blinds People 2.5 Miles Away [gizmodo]

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