Kiss Your Eyes Goodbye, Kids: US Youths Spend Average Of 10:45 A Day Staring At Screens (Television, Computer, Cell Phone)

January 20, 2010


I can't even believe that. Granted I spend 26 hours a day staring at a computer screen, but I've also already come to grips with not having a life or ever seeing the light of day (I look like a much handsomer Edward Cullen already!). But these kids, they still have hope. Run! Run into the light, little ones!

However, it should be noted that this figure includes multi-tasking (i.e. watching television and working on a laptop simultaneously for an hour counts as 2 hours). The actual figure for singular daily use is 7:30. Jesus, you kids are gonna be blind by the time you're 30! Look at me, I'm living proof. Kidding, kidding -- masturbation. That shit'll get ya.

Youth of America Spend Half Their Waking Hours Staring at Screens [gizmodo]

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