In Time For Valentine's: Rose Plays Recorded Message For That (Not So) Special Someone

January 29, 2010


Looking for that perfect Valentine's gift that says, well, whatever the hell you chose to pre-record? Well you're in luck, thanks to the $6 'Red Recording Rose'! And, if there's one thing I know about women, it's how much they love plastic novelty roses that talk when you push a button.

Record your own personal message for that special person, and she/he can enjoy the sound of your voice while admiring their rose. Each rose comes with a built in voice recorder, which allows you to personalise it with a 10 second message which plays back via the built in speaker.

First hear the recordings, and then it will automatically play love songs(Equipped with three classic love songs).

Note: If you think one red rose can not share how much you care her, then we suggest you to buy one more. There will be more discount if you buy more. As we know love is priceless.

How romantic. Couple the rose with a couple Beanie Babies and you'll be making sweet, sweet Valentine's love to yourself faster than you can say, "But don't you want to stay for dinner? Pork chop sandwiches!"

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Thanks to alfred, who probably won't send me press releases about his products anymore. Just kidding, he totally will.

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