Impressive: Homemade War Machine Costume

January 4, 2010


Superherofhype forum member Masterle247 went and made himself a War Machine costume in anticipation of the new Iron Man 2 movie. It's super impressive. And it would be even more impressive if he hadn't posed in front of Talbots at the mall. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure all the moms shopping there were super tickled pink (read: horrified there's a terrorist at the mall), I just would have posed in front of something a bit more serious. Like the Pretzel Palace or arcade. Or, if you could hold out a few months, with the Easter Bunny! Listen rabbit -- you'll tell me what you did with Jesus or I'll blast your rodent brains all over this food court. Oooh, Orange Julius!

Hit the jump for several more, including one of War Machine kicking back and drinking a Corona.






My War Machine costume! with pics! [superherohype forums]
war machine costume: ready for cosplay battles [technabob]

Thanks to Obama Pacman, Jessica, Lee and martin, who are boycotting the new Iron Man movie because my local theater stopped carrying Sour Patch Watermelon candy at the concession stand. Awh, thanks guys.

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