I'll Sue Your Pants Off!: Geekology T-Shirts

January 4, 2010


You like how I worked both pants AND shirt into the title? I know, it's like I stuffed a whole outfit into that bitch. And let me tell you: they don't teach you that kind of word wizardry at Hogwarts. OR blogging school. Which, ZOMG, I'm totally gonna open. Anyway, this is a new shirt from Threadless titled 'Geekology', which I can only assume designer Aaron Hogg chose to avoid ME SUING HIS CHEETO STAINED PANTS OFF. $18 takes one home, and I better get some sort of kickback for featuring it. Grease my palm, if you know what I mean. Ignore the hair.

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Thanks to Joannie, CHRISYUN, Elizabeth, Mathieu, Popped Culture, shawn, Krijn and me.viky, who are going to go steal this stockpile of shirts and burn it. Like bras, but with less bare breasts afterward.

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