Iffy: Mailbox Allegedly Counts Your Mail

January 21, 2010


First of all, who the hell cares if you get four letters instead of three? Screw three pieces of mail but four -- HOLY MARY OF MAIL I BETTER HOVEROUND DOWN TO THE BOX AND RETRIEVE THOSE BITCHES! Secondly, this $55 piece of Thanko garbo doesn't even count your pieces of mail, IT COUNTS HOW MANY TIMES ITS DOOR HAS BEEN OPENED. Which, unless the chubby f***er next door has been stealing your Netflix rentals again, is probably once a day.

A sensor attached to the mailbox counts the number of times the door has been opened, and an LCD display located inside your home keeps you appraised of the possible number of letters or packages that have been delivered.

So basically it can tell you whether your mail has been delivered or not. Hooray. You know what else will tell you if the mail's come yet? Putting the little flag up. BOOSH -- they don't teach you that shit in school!

POSTCN01 Alerts You To New Mail - But The Real Kind [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Luke, Ishbo and sara, who all love analog mail because it's more personal. Pfft, you should read the emails I write, I get personal.

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