I Slang Tees Like Weight: Avatar T-Shirt

January 12, 2010


Because I basically do nothing but sell t-shirts and never see any return on my investment, here's today's tee from Teefury. It's Avatar themed. PLUS Wii themed! Eeeeeeeeeee!! But it's available TODAY ONLY, till midnight central. After that, I'll undoubtedly be featuring tomorrow's shirt. PSYCHE! I'm putting a stop to this right now. Kidding, I'm weak. Plus the kickbacks are too sweet. You hear that, Teefury? I SAID THE KICKBACKS ARE TOO SWEET. *hint hint, nudge nudge* You picking up what I'm putting down? Good, now gather all the chips I dropped behind the couch. Fifteen minute rule!

Teefury (Avatar shirt available today only)

Thanks to Giancarlo, who made a Wii Mii that looks like an actual blue kitty. Like a regular one. One that can't talk. I wanna pet it!

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