Hrmmm: NASA Claims This Is A Real Aircraft

January 20, 2010


Not to be a doubting GW or anything, but if you're gonna claim something's real, how about some photos instead of renderings? Hell, even a mediocre Photoshop job would help. Also, a deep tissue massage (I'll swear anything is real if you can make the pain go away).

Is it possible for a one-person electric plane to take off vertically and fly 300 mph? NASA says yes, and shows us how it's done with Puffin, a single-passenger aircraft that's 10 times quieter than the most hushed helicopters.

Using today's technology, Puffin can cruise for 50 miles, but aerospace engineers at NASA say that range could triple by 2017.

You know what else is gonna be tripled by 2017? The national deficit after trying to send missile man here an extra 100 miles. HA -- actually funding NASA! ROFL. Good one, GW.

Video rendering of the thing in action after the jump.

NASA claims its quiet one-person electric aircraft is real [dvice]

Thanks to InfinityChic and Melissa, who will stick to riding unicorns. Take me to 7-11 to pick up some beer?

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