EWE EWH!: Sheep Born With A Human Face

January 14, 2010


NOTE: BELIEVE ME, YOU DON'T WANT TO HIT THE JUMP (God I'm good at getting extra pageviews).

So a sheep in Turkey (you're not a bird!) gave birth to a lamb with a human face. Except the lamb was already dead and had to be cut out via c-section. Apparently it was some kind of horrific mutation. God I'm depressed now.

Erhan Elibol, a vet, performed a caesarean on the animal to take the lamb out, but was horrified to see that the features of the lamb's snout bore a striking resemblance to a human face.

Vets said that the rare mutation most likely occurred as a result of improper mutation since the fodder for the lamb's mother was abundant with vitamin A, CNNTurk.com reports.

The mutant creature was hairless. Local residents said that even dogs were afraid to approach the bizarre animal.

The locals burnt the body of the little goat, and biologists had no chance to study the rare mutation.

You can see the uncensored shot after the jump if you want, but I strongly advise against it. THE PICTURE CANNOT BE UNSEEN, no matter how roughly you sandpaper your eyes (I recommend at least an 80-grit).

Hit it if you want, but I wouldn't if I was you.




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Thanks to brian, max, Closet Nerd, Dean M, Spoonman, Ainom, mary, Detective Dan, baaaah!!, Chuck Nunchuck, Kristen and Remote Comptroller, who have never given birth to anything that even remotely resembles a human. OOOOH, BURN!

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