Help: Where Can I Buy This Dino Necklace?

January 15, 2010


How often do I ask you for anything? Almost never, right? Well now I'm asking you for something. Where can I buy and/or get the materials to make this dinosaur necklace? Because I want one. And, even if my girlfriend doesn't know it yet, she wants one too. I think if I could just stroke those lucky dino bones while I write, this blog would stop sucking so hard. And by sucking I mean suckling. Nipples. GEEKOLOGIE IS THE TITS.

Cool Dinosaur Necklace [collthings]

Thanks to Mel and Tiff, who had matching dino-bone anklets until I hid under their car and cut them off when they were unlocking the doors. I got dragged 8 blocks but it was worth it. And to Jessica, who kicked the knife out of my hand and backed over me.

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