Get Em While They're Hot: Dino Shirts For Sale

January 7, 2010


Because I've been reduced to peddling t-shirts, both Shirt.Woot and Teefury have dino-themed tops available today. Shirt.Woot is selling Jurassic Parka ($10 shipped), and Teefury the anatomy of an AT-AT ($11 shipped). As usual, these are TODAY ONLY. Tomorrow there will be entirely different shirts for sale and this ship will have sailed. Isn't that right, Noah? I'll be with the dinos if you need me. And there will be a sock on the doorknob.


Thanks to Divo, OJ's Mom, katkcheshire, Francesco, Rachel, John, Matt_D, Corinna, Lea C, Melissa, Jeff, Emalee, cargo shirts and Erin, who are all fashion trendsetters (start a topless trend!)

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