Droid Theives Busted By Pictures They Took

January 12, 2010


Two piece of shit thieves broke in and stole two Motorola Droid phones from a man's apartment, then proceeded to take a bunch of pictures of themselves like the vain little failures that they are. Little did they know, little did they know.

What they didn't foresee, however, was that one of the phones would have the free Lookout app, which automatically backs up all photos taken with the handset to a user-accessible server every night. So, in the midst of testing out their ill-gotten loot, the criminals provided the phone's legitimate owner with enough visual clues for the police to swoop in and apprehend one of them.

BUSTED! I forsee a dark future for both of you in prison. And you know what they say about the food there: it's better going down than getting packed back up. You two have fun!

Android photo backup app reveals burglars' identities, stupidity [engadget]

Thanks to David B., who doesn't steal anything but women's hearts. Hey, as long as you're not a hoarder.

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