Dreams Really Do Come True: 16-Year Old Boy Runs Away With 42-Year Old 'Soulmate' He Met Playing World Of Warcraft

January 4, 2010


Just look at the way she's admiring his glasses and seductively licking her finger. That's true love if I've ever seen it (and I've seen a turtle hump a sneaker).

On Tuesday evening, 16-year-old Andrew Kane nonchalantly asked his mother and father if they would drive him from their Barrie, Ont., home to a hotel in nearby Midland, where he planned to meet a 42-year-old woman with whom he had been having a secret relationship over the Internet.

The Grade 11 student was found Thursday afternoon, after his parents spent two days desperately appealing for his safe return. On Wednesday, police had released pictures of Lauri Price, a Texas mother of four who had allegedly flown to Toronto and driven a rental car to collect the teen after striking up a relationship with him while playing the popular online game.

The story is actually longer if you want to read it, but basically this kid was hoping to get his level 2 night elf dirty. That was a euphemism, FYI. For sex. Gross gross sex.

Teen found after meeting his 42-year-old online 'soulmate' [theglobeandmail]

Thanks to Jaik, who once fell in love playing a video game until he realized the chick was just AI. Then he destroyed his console and vowed to never love again. Heartbreaking.

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