Different Strokes For Different Incarcerated Folks: Inmates Get Their Eyeballs Tattooed

January 14, 2010

Now we've known about eyeball tattoos for awhile now, just not that people were getting them done in the slammer. Honestly, there are just some things I just wouldn't want to get done in prison: my ass, and every single other thing ever. But did that stop David Boltjes and Paul Inman from getting good and drunk off toilet hooch and tattooing their eyeballs? No it did not. The video's worth a watch if you get the chance, and contains a whole bunch of good one-liners. Also, footage of two guys with their eyeballs tattooed. And, as tough as I am, I wouldn't want to run into either one of them in a dark alley. BUT ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE POOR NIGHT VISION.

Prison Eyeball Tattoos [liveleak]

Thanks to el Deco, Bum_Eyes, Chuck Nunchuck, and Sally, who are gonna be the first four to get their irises done.

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