Cuuute: Children Asked To Predict The Future

January 6, 2010

the-future.jpg recently sent questionnaires to parents and teachers asking their children (13 and under) what they think the world we be like in 10 years. These are some of the answers. And as you will see, some of these cats really know what's up. Okay, which one of you has the time machine?!

I think all of the animals will be dead in 10 years because America is polluting too much. People who aren't married won't have dogs, cats, fish, or any other type of house animal.
Lexi Schommer, 8
Penn Valley

People will be friendlier because they can talk to each other on more than one phone.
Morgen Zighelboim, 5
Huntingdon Valley

Robots will take over the world. They will have lasers.
Jacob Eiseman, 9
Penn Valley

In a decade I think that the time machine will be invented. Maybe somebody will make a new ice cream flavor and the government will find a way to stop pollution. They will also make a machine to control the seasons. After, there would be a candy that makes you shrink. Astronauts would land on Mars and explorers would find new types of fish. They would also discover a new Arctic animal and a new island.
Guille Ribeiro-Vecino, 8

Everybody will have a jet pack.
Dylan Marcus, 7
Cherry Hill

There may not be any blue sky.
Annie Lindner, 11

We will live in a world of pure luxury with computers that are programmed by a human's thoughts. We will have no racism, no crime, no need for anyone to take people to court, no need for divorce. There would be no end to happiness. The poor would be welcomed into newly built houses without hesitation. Rich people would donate to every charity known. We would find a cure for every disease.
Summer Lynch, 11

Oh Summer, Summer, Summer. You are in for a real treat. Oh -- and whatever you do, DON'T WATCH AVATAR.

Decade in Preview: The Youthful Vision [philly] (with seven pages of responses, so click it to read a ton more)

Thanks to Joe, who agrees little Jacob Eiseman might just be a seer.

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