Awh, What's The Matter?: Link Looks Bummed

January 11, 2010


This is a picture by Kim Herbst from an art show hosted by the Autumn Society of Philadelphia that took place back in August (OOOOOLD!). The video game inspired show was entitled, "8-Bit And Beyond" and the piece itself is unofficially called, "We're Gonnna Need A Bigger Rutsack...". Per the artist:

That poor 'lil guy has to lug around so much stuff through Hyrule after you collect everything. Usually I work in brush 'n ink and scan the artwork in to color it digitally, however, due to time contraints, this entire piece will be made in Photoshop. The final product will be printed as a signed limited edition on acid-free archival paper and mounted on board at 13" x 19.

Good job. Unfortunately, the show is long over. So yeah, we missed it. But on the up side, we're all in the same boat. Aaaaaand we're gonna need a bigger one. Great tie-in, GW, great tie-in. Thanks, I know.

Game Art: Exclusive Interviews with Kim Herbst and Jeff DeSantis [gamervision]

Thanks to Joe, who would have dragged all that shit around in a rolling suitcase. Smart, Joe, but will it fit in an overhead bin?

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