Awesome: First Star Wars Adidas Commercial

January 20, 2010

For those of you not in the know, Adidas is dropping a line of Star Wars sneakers, shirts and hoodies this year that promises to be ultra dope. I've been getting the tip forever, but I keep getting too drunk and forgetting to post it. It's worth your while to go HERE, HERE or HERE to see what all they have to offer, then watch this commercial and get super stoked about it. Personally, I want the AT-AT sneakers. FOR STOMPING REBEL SCUM! You hear that, Skywalker? And don't you even think about tying my laces together.

Youtube (another, much shorter commercial that's not as good but does feature Vader firing the Death Star at earth)

Thanks to Donna, emerica, Ali, Tiffany, Miss Bowser, LSDiesel, Blastphemer, Troy, Steve, sluggerknuckles, Ben, Daniel, Spikey DaPikey, Patrick, sham, Jazzman, joe the human beatbox, fire in my hole, Alice, mavis, kevin and Conner, who know quality footwear when they see it. What do you think of these kicks, guys? They're called Wheelies. Gonna be huge.

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