A For Effort B For Better Luck Next Time: Questionable Zelda/Link Cosplay Couple

January 17, 2010


At first I thought this was Link and Wonder Woman, but that doesn't make any sense so I'm gonna go ahead and assume that's Zelda. And, in case you were wondering about my progress, I'm heading to the Sand Realm in Spirit Tracks. Oh don't act like you weren't wondering, you were wondering. So, am I the only one who gets the feeling that Hyrulian shield couldn't deflect a sing deku nut? *tink* Okay, maybe it can. But can it withstand a Goron bomb?! *BOOM!* Link? Link? Quick, help me gather his rupees!

Picture from 4chan

Thanks to Christopher, who once dressed up as Ganon for Halloween and made a bunch of little kids crap themselves. And I was one of them. Jerk.

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