You Need Help: Guy Makes Art Out Of Dust

December 12, 2009


Paul Hazelton collects dust and then shapes it into things and calls it art. Me? I vacuum it up LIKE A NORMAL GOTDAMN PERSON. I swear, whatever happened to chiseling marble?

'I think it all has something to do with the fact that I was brought up in an immaculate environment that was really clean,' said Mr Hazelton.

'It all started when I noticed the dust on a mask and was able to pull it off. I started collecting dust and working with it, finding ways of turning it into three-dimensional structures.'

'Humans were supposedly made from dust, so it is interesting to create other things with it,' added Mr Hazelton, from Margate, Kent.

'It is a kind of recycling. The reaction of people when they see the art is one of incredulity.

Incredulity is right. As in, "THIS NUTCASE IS F***ED IN THE HEAD." Oh, and another thing -- I WAS NOT MADE FROM DUST, PAUL. I was made with cookie batter and star-sprinkles AND GOD BAKED ME PERFECTLY.

Hit the jump for a shot of a briefcase and skeleton made out of the dust.



Incredible sculptures made with dust

Thanks to Add loves Elmo, who only collects bones.

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