Who Needs Eggnog?: Imperial Stout Trooper

December 14, 2009


Because I'm pretty much the L337357 thing on this side of the L337 57R337, BOOM, two Star Wars posts in a row! Imperial Stout Trooper is (you'll never guess!) an Imperial Stout beer manufactured by New England Brewing Co. which, get this, IS BASED IN NEW ENGLAND! Did you brain just explode? Mine did, but then it all came back together like watching Gallagher sledgehammer a watermelon in reverse. You shoulda seen it, hands down Youtube quality shit.

Just a heads up on New England Imperial Stout Trooper. This will be hitting shelves the week before Christmas in 750ml bottles. Same great beer, but now in bigger bottles.

With an average of 4.31 on Beer Advocate, IST appears to be very close to breaking the top 100, should that average hold up on this next batch. This is the first time the beer will appear in 750's after previously being available in 12 oz. bottles.

Did you hear that, Santa? GW wants a stocking stuffed with Imperial Stout Trooper! Plus lottery scratch-offs. Daddy's getting rich this Christmas! Also, laid (you distract the fat man, I'll throw a net over Blitzen).

New England Imperial Stout Trooper arrives in two weeks [beernews]

Thanks to reado, who did not shoot first. But he did start drinking before I could even order a beer. A little manners, God.

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