Where Was I On That?: Disposable Flasks

December 4, 2009


Disposable flasks are exactly what they sound like: throw-away flasks. They're basically glorified juice pouches with a screw-top lid. ZOMG, I LOVE DRINKING EVERYWHERE!

Enter the Disposable Flask ($15/set of 3). These 7.5 oz. reusable foil pouches are portable, freezable, pocketable, and easily disposable, and feature airtight plastic lids that won't leave tell-tale leakage marks on your clothes.

Jesus, why didn't I think of that? Oh right, I DID. They're called Zip-Loc bags, and I've been filling them with bourbon for years. Anybody need a nip? I have two. They're perky!

Disposable Flask [uncrate]

Thanks to naas, who just carries his bottles with him wherever he goes.

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