Watch Your Bread Brown: A See-Thru Toaster

December 29, 2009


Let's face it: the problem with modern toasting technology is that it doesn't use lasers. A far less significant problem is that you can't see how burnt your bread is getting until it's a f***ing shingle. Enter Le Toaster Vision from Magimix.

Despite its toaster moniker, Le Toaster Vision is really more of a vertical toaster oven, using two toaster elements per side that are positioned above and below the slices of bread. Reflectors behind the elements make sure that the bread gets toasted evenly while keeping the windowed sides (mostly) clear to see through.

Hey, with as much toast as I eat this thing might be worth it. I've been using the same toaster for like four years and there's absolutely no consistency to the level of browning. You know what I'm thinking? A poltergeist. Now touch me while I sleep!

Hit the jump for a video of the thing.

Transparent Toaster Ensures Perfect Toastage [ohgizmo]

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