Very Clever: A Peek Inside Mario's Closet

December 21, 2009


This is what Mario's closet looks like as envisioned by artist Glen Brogan (slightly larger version if you touch THIS with your cursor and push the button). If you like it, you can go HERE to vote on getting it printed as a shirt. If you don't like it, you can go to hell.

I have a new T-shirt design up for voting at Splitreason. This one started out as a simple idea and turned into something a little more complex. When my designs go up for voting I always get the inevitable complaints (you just can't make everybody happy) but I sort of feel like I'm throwing myself to the wolves with this one. The reason being that I had to come up with rules for what I should and shouldn't include as part of Mario's wardrobe. I wanted to include as many of his power-ups as possible, but the main rule I had to follow was that I couldn't include things that actually transform Mario himself rather that just changing his wardrobe, like the Boo mushroom from Mario Galaxy that turns him into a ghost. So I've mentally prepared myself for the barage of "OMG WHY DIDNT U INCLUDE THIS 1 ON THERE U R DUM." I don't mind constructive critisicm, but sometimes it feels like people complain just to do it. If only they knew how much thought I actually put into these!

I didn't actually bother reading that because that's a hellaparagraph, but I've got to say: awesome job, Glen. But one thing -- why didn't you include Boo Mario? Seriously, and I was this close to voting for you.

Mario's Closet [albinoraven] (Glen Brogan's blog)

Thanks to Fran, who just wears whatever he did the night before.

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