The Roddler: Push Your Kids Around In Style

December 22, 2009


Let's face it, unless you're a woman, there's nothing worse than having a child. But at least now you can push the thing around in style thanks to the $2,000 Roddler. Geez, whatever happened to carrying them in a canvas bag?

With hot rod-styling and high-end materials, The Roddler just might be the world's coolest stroller. It features two rear and one front chrome wheels with fin-shaped fenders and white wall tires, color-matching brakes, wheel bullets, chassis, seat, and top, stainless steel hardware, chrome grips, an ultrasuede seat insert for comfort and carbon vinyl leatherette for the seat and top for added durability.

For an extra $500 you can get a model that transforms into a trike when your child is old enough to pedal. And speaking of old enough to pedal: psst -- over here, I got what you're looking for. Get it? Pedal/peddle. ONOMATOPOEIA!

The Roddler [uncrate]

Thanks to Matt, who I'll send to whip your monkey ass if you comment about me not knowing what onomatopoeia is. SNAP CRACKLE POP, BITCHES!

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