The (Not So) Super Lives Of Superheroes

December 17, 2009


This is a little gallery of superheroes in not-so-super situations brought to us by Super Not So Super. For example, this is Batman reading the foreclosure notice on his mansion/batcave. Also, his costume looks like shit. You know, I was so inspired by these superheroes doing ordinary-folk things that I decided to post a picture of myself picking up after my dog. You know, so you could see I'm just a regular guy like you. Unfortunately, neither the butler nor the maid could figure out which setting on the camera to use to best capture my BURNING LASER VISION. But don't worry, next time I'll get the gimp to do it.

Hit the jump for several more, including Catwoman and The Flash.





Super Not So Super (which also has little comics made about each character)
Super Not So Super - A Look into the super ordinary lives of superheroes [albotas]

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