Thanks But No Thanks: Robot Shaped Lamps

December 1, 2009


They're shaped like robots and they're receiving electricity. That's playing with fire. And if I've learned anything about playing with fire, it's this: always get somebody else to light it. Preferably somebody who didn't see how much lighter fluid you used. However, if you're the kind of person that likes taking chances and doesn't bother looking both ways before crossing a busy intersection, you can purchase a Robolamp from Robert Matysiak. Made out of plastic plumbing and electrical supplies, each robot is handcrafted by Robert in his workshop and will set you back between 40-110 euros ($60-$166). Plus, everyone is different -- like snowflakes! Well, snowflakes that want to electrocute you in your sleep and burn your house to the ground. WHICH EXIST. Why do you think there are so many house fires in the winter? The prosecution rests.

Hit the jump for five more and a link to the Robolamps Facebook page where you can contact Robert for details.






Robolamps on Facebook
Robolamps by Robert Matysiak [likecool]

Thanks to Josh, Lee and Marco, who amazingly all have normal names for once.

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