Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snuggie Thing

December 22, 2009


As is evident from the picture, there's just no way to look cool in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle snuggie. Sure I could do it, but I can also bend time with my mind. AND unhook bras -- both front and back closures.

Cuddle up with your favorite turtle! Stay nice 'n toasty while you reach for a pizza slice in this fleece blanket with sleeves and a Michelangelo body print. Ah, turtle power never felt so...soft!

Available from Hot Topic for $28, I kind of want one. BUT ONLY TO PROVE I WOULD STILL LOOK COOL IN IT. Also, this wizard robe is getting a little tattered. You know, FROM BATTLING SORCERERS AND KEEPING THE EARTH SAFE! You didn't know I did that, did you? Well I do. I do do that. *ZIPPITY ZAP!* See? That was me casting a safety spell. Well, technically, that was a fork in the microwave, but I could cast a safety spell if I wanted. Swear.

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Thanks to Alejandra, who's holding out for a Gargamel snuggie. Now you're talking!

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