Sweet Dino Skull Shirt On Teefury Today

December 3, 2009


If there's one thing I hope I've taught you lovely people before I blast off for the moon, it's that dinosaurs are awesome and deserve our respect like the God's pets that they were. And what better way to celebrate their collective extinction than a dino-skull shirt from Teefury? Available TODAY ONLY for $9 (plus $2 shipping) the skull is actually made up of a bunch of other dinosaur bones (full-size graphic HERE). SO CLEVER! I ordered one and I'm gonna wear it when I go paleontology-ing. One time I dug up an old tire and then rolled up and down my driveway with a stick. I had the coolest toys!

Teefury (different shirt everyday, once a shirt is gone, it's gooooone)

Thanks to David and Keith, who once spent two whole days digging up a dinosaur skeleton before realizing it was a cat.

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