Sure, Why Not? Oh Right, The Police: Guy Attaches Rocket Launchers To Motorcycle

December 19, 2009

NOTE: Due to quality video editing, it takes a couple seconds for the picture to kick in.

I'm pretty sure he's just shooting model rocket engines, but whatever, this guy attached some button operated rocket launchers to the sides of his motorcycle. Why? I honestly don't know. Probably not a good reason though. The first 0:45 are dude talking nonsense, the pew pews start after that with the best being at 1:00 when a rocket bounces off a wall and almost hits him. Now that would've been cool. As it stands, video is a 3.5/10 and I regret posting it.


Thanks to d_mc, Jimmy and deadbodyman, who shoot RPG's from their motorcycles because, well, they might be terrorists.

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