Stay Warm!: Felt Pokemon Character Hats

December 12, 2009


You ever wanted a homemade Pokemon hat that looks like you're favorite character? Well you're in luck, provided your favorite character is, uh, Dildohead or X-wings Ears, or, uh, shit you got me. These fleece hats are handmade made by craft-person Dimbarion and range in price from $20 to $40. These are the only models currently available, but there are more in the works, so hold your horses if you want Squibblenips or Jigglyknots or whoever the hell else YOU DEVIL WORSHIPERS IDOLIZE. You outta be ashamed of yourselves. Plus for those private pictures you took. You thought nobody saw, I saw. And I liked.

Hit the jump for closeups of a couple models in case you're interested in purchasing.




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Thanks to btrain, a much smoother ride than the h-train.

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