Somebody Sent Me A Christmas Card!

December 22, 2009


Geekologie Reader Brianna was kind enough to send me an online Christmas card this year. It's her and her family in a classic three four wolf moon pose (imagine the magic!). Now, I don't know if email stopped working or something, but I haven't gotten your card yet. I mean, you DID send one, right? Oh. Well if anybody else wants to make geek-themed cards feel free to and send me a tip with the link (you have to host it yourself somewhere) and I'll post them under the heading, "I Write All Year For You People And All I Got For Christmas Was Four Drawings Of The GW Banging Various Dinos". Which, God I'm getting misty eyed already. Just what I wanted.

Thanks Brianna, and happy holidays to you and yours. (Pass the eggnog)

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