Shocking News: Geeks Scare Women Away From Pursuing Careers In Computer Science

December 16, 2009


In news that shouldn't surprise anyone, not even my grandma (who thinks computers are fancy televisions from the future), a recent study has found that the geek stereotype keeps women from pursuing careers in computer science.

"When people think of computer science, the image that immediately pops into many of their minds is of the computer geek surrounded by such things as computer games, science-fiction memorabilia and junk food," said lead researcher Sapna Cheryan, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Washington. "That stereotype doesn't appeal to many women who don't like the portrait of masculinity that it evokes."

Not only are women missing out on some of the "best career opportunities, but computer science is missing out on female perspectives," Cheryan and her colleagues wrote in a recent issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Well I can't say that I'm surprised. But I can say this explains why the lot of you haven't had any contact with women since going off to college (shoot for a studio art degree).

Hit the link for more info on how the study was conducted. You know, if you're bored.

Geeks drive girls out of computer science [msnbc]

Thanks to FDSY, who only drives women out of the locker room.

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