Seen It All Now: Microwave S'mores Machine Keeps Pressure On Your Marshmallow

December 14, 2009


The Micro S'mores machine is a piece of shit designed for cooking s'mores in the microwave. The secret is its "Core Fusion Technology" which is a jargonical (word wizardry!) way of saying it has a plunger that pushes the marshmallow down as it gets gooey. You get two of them for $20, plus shipping and handling. Now, as a guy who's been making s'mores in the microwave since middle school, I'll admit a little downward pressure while the s'mores cook is key to a good turnout. So here's what you do: break off the safety latch that prevents you from cooking with the microwave door open. You'll be able to stir things too!

Hit the jump for a ridiculous commercial.

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Thanks to Calypso, who may or may not have held Odysseus captive for seven years (she totally did).

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