Scientific!: How To Cut A Möbius Strip Bagel

December 8, 2009


And they said it wasn't possible to cut a bagel into a Möbius strip! Didn't they? I'm sure somebody did. But boy were they wrong! You think it works for donuts too? What about Hot Pockets?!

Professor and artist George Hart figures out how to cut a bagel into two congruent halves--they "pass through each other's holes, like two links of a chain." One bagel. Two halves. Unbroken. Interlocking.

Impossible, you say? Not when "the motion of the knife follows the surface of a two-twist Möbius strip." Yes, in a single long knife cut, you can transform an everyday bagel into two linked halves. And the best part?

"It is much more fun to put cream cheese on these bagels than on an ordinary bagel. In additional to the intellectual stimulation, you get more cream cheese, because there is slightly more surface area."

More surface area for cream cheese? Count me in! I can't get enough of that stuff -- it's both creamy AND cheesy. Whoever invented that shit deserves a Nobel Prize in MAKING MY MOUTH HAPPY. God does too. For nipples.

Coolest Thing We've Ever Seen: Mobius Strip Bagel [newyork.seriouseats]

Thanks to Jessi and Ellie, who know how to cut pizza slides into Möbius strips.

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