*Pew Pew*: Revolver 1-Function TV Remote

December 10, 2009


A remote in the form factor of a gun, what will they think of next? If you answered a remote in the shape of a magic wand that controls via accelerometer, too late -- they've already thought of that!

Sick of soaps? Does your partner's love of religious broadcasting leave you praying for an epiphany? Restore order in your living room and send a strong signal to the cowboys: there's a new sheriff in town and you're doing things your way. Just point and shoot to change the channel. It even plays a gunshot sound and comes with a sheriff badge!

The $17 remote can control ONE FUNCTION of your television (channel up OR down, volume up OR down, power), rendering it a huge piece of novelty shit. Jesus, just throw a shoe at the cable box like a normal person.

Product Site

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who changes the channel the old fashioned way: with yardstick taped to another yardstick taped to a cane.

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