OMG: Fan-Made Feature Length Zelda Movie

December 15, 2009

Remember when IGN made a fake Zelda trailer as an April Fools joke? That was some cruel shit. But now a group of Zelda fans (myself excluded) went and made a feature length (1 hour and 48 minutes!!) movie called 'The Hero Of Time'. This is just the trailer here, but the whole thing is posted after the jump. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you answered, "watching a 2 hour movie on the clock", you are! *high five!* Not you, the man -- we're sticking it to you!

Hit the jump for the full-length feature. And bring popcorn.

Official Site
Daily Motion

Thanks to Heather, jim, Venort, Christine, martin, Jared and Tingle, who watched the whole thing hoping for a sex scene. Wait, there isn't one?!?!

  • Christopher Dean

    What why is this private I was really looking forward to seeing it.

  • christian

    YOU SHOULDN'T, It's aweful xD
    watch sage of darkness instead, it's available on YouTube.

  • christian

    and hero of time is also available on YouTube

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